Chef Philippe's team offers you many design and development services which are useful to existing restaurants as well as restaurants that are still in the planning stages.  We will help you develop and design any and every aspect of your restaurant that you request assistance with. Once the plans are in place, we will stay around to help you execute the carefully laid plans and processes which were developed.

Market Analysis

Chef Philippe's team will work with you to identify your ideal market and define your customer base so that everything else in can be tailored for that market base.  Market conditions in your are have a significant impact on your business. It can affect how many customers you will serve, the prices you should or should not be charging on your menu, and a host of other things. Chef Philippe's market analysis will help you analyze your market so you can guage the potential of your proposed or existing operation and make more informed operating and investment decisions.

Branding and Atmosphere

Chef Philippe and his team will work with you to compose the initial name, logo, floor-plan, interior, and other conceptual developments that will define your restaurant to the public.  We will encourage you to make choices in concept development that will appeal to your market base and encourage new and repeat business.  Every great restaurant has something unique and exciting that contributes to the overall guest experience. Chef Philippe and his team will help you find that "something" that customers will connect with and create brand loyalty for your restaurant.


Business Plan and Stategy

Chef Philippe's team can help you develop a thorough business plan for your restaurant and assist you with any other startup needs you have from floor plan design to budgets to location planning. We have access to experts in any field you need assistance. We will conduct market analysis to help you make decisions which will ensure success and competitor analysis to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to viably compete in the local market. Our writing and design staff will fully dedicated to giving you their best to help enable the success of your restaurant. Location analysis, interior design, kitchen design, menu engineering, and labor planning are but a few of the things we offer.

Workforce Planning

There are three important words, each of equal importance, when it comes to the workforce in your restaurant:  Recruiting, Training, Retention. Employee turnover can be costly for your restaurant. It is important not only to ensure you are recruiting the right people for the job but also to train them properly and implement policies that encourage them to stay on board.  Employee recruitment can be costly and ineffective if not done effectively. Employee training is paramount not only to retention of the employee but also to the satisfaction of your customers and ultimately the success of your restaurant. Chef Philippe and his team will offer you guidelines for best practices in all three of these areas.