From Chef Philippe Parola:

Salut! Silverfin Craze welcomes you to our website. Our primary focus is the conservation of the United States inshore fisheries and environment by promoting under-utilized fish species and providing a wild-caught fresh water food resource to millions of people around the world.

While growing up in France, I learned to fish at a very young age and to eat all freshly caught fish at every opportunity. I also learned that there is no such thing as a "bad" fish unless it is spoiled. Here in Louisiana, we are fortunate to have an immense variety of fish from both fresh water and salt water! In addition, the temperate climate and weather in the U.S. Gulf Coast states allows fishing all year long!  That means there is fresh, wild-caught fish available any time of the year!

It is a known fact that over-fishing our oceans and seas has resulted in the endangerment of many salt water fish species. This leaves us with few options to meet the ongoing demand for fresh seafood, the most common of which is farm-raised fish. Our options for fresh, wild-caught fish is very limited. To solve this problem, Chef Philippe Parola and Silverfin Craze are making varieties of carp species and Buffalo fish available for purchase and consumption available internationally. These carp are not only fresh, wild-caught fish which can be consumed world wide, but they are quality fish that taste great and are adaptable to most cuisines.

As a professional Chef, I can ensure that all varieties of fresh water carp are excellent quality fish and are very healthy to eat (including the now famous Asian carp also known as Silverfin!) The waterways and weather in the Southern United States provide a plentiful natural resource of Carps and Buffalo fish that can be harvested throughout the year and shipped around the world. With the collaboration of Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Silverfin Craze ensures the quality and safety of all our fresh water fish for human consumption.

For more information, please look at our spec sheets for Asian Carp and Buffalo fish. We look forward to discussing the possibility of providing your wholesalers and retailers with our quality fish.

Bon Appetit! 

Chef Philippe Parola
Cordon Bleu de France.

About Chef Philippe

Chef Philippe Parola has over 30 years experience of active service in the culinary profession and is the founder of Silverfin Craze. Chef Philippe has successfully developed business resources through creative cuisine skills, management techniques and public relations campaigns. He has a long list of award winning achievements and professional accomplishments on both national and international levels. As seen in the photos above, Chef Philippe has cooked for two U.S. Presidents, George W. Bush, Sr. and Gerald Ford.

Chef Philippe Parola is now focused on educating consumers on eating healthy while promoting under-utilized wild-caught fish species which are rich in protein and oils.

Hoop Net Fishing in Louisiana, USA

Cooking Carp with Chef Philippe

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International and Domestic Dis
Simply Delicieux Chef Phil
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