Silverfin Craze, LLC - Management Team

Chef Philippe Parola

Chef Philippe Parola has over 30 years experience of active service in the culinary profession. Chef Philippe has successfully developed business resources through creative cuisine skills, management techniques and public relations campaigns. He has a long list of award winning achievements and professional accomplishments on both national and international levels.

Chef Philippe Parola is now focused on educating consumers on eating healthy while cooking at home. He is also launching a crusade to help stabilize our natural environment while developing a human consumption market for invasive and nuisance species such as: Alligator, Wild Boar, Snow Geese and now working on the Asian Carp Invasion solution. Chef Philippe has recently launched an export business which provides U.S. wild-caught, fresh water fish to people around the world.

Cody Sibley
Communications Director

Cody Sibley attended Louisiana State University and has over 25 years experience in a business office environment with an emphasis on marketing, public relations, and multi-location communications and support.  He has worked in numerous fields over the years from oil refineries to health care.

Cody currently owns and operates his own documents, design, and web company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has strong general business skills and quality experience with documents management (both paper and electronic), communications coordination, and web design/maintenance to create a skill set that is ideal for the Silverfin Craze project. He currently coordinates and creates all documents and designs for Silverfin Craze and handles communications with media and other outside contacts.

Roy Brabham, MD
Nutritional Consultant

Roy Brabham, MD is a board certified plastic surgeon who practiced his specialty in Baton Rouge, LA from 1984 through 2003.  His focus on difficult reconstructive procedures led him to develop an appreciation for the importance of good nutrition in achieving successful outcomes.  He embarked on a course of self education in the area of nutrition and found that this began to interest him more than surgery.  In 2003, he left his practice and went to work as Medical Advisor and chief of product development for Healing America, a nutritional supplement company based in Owensboro, KY.  He has subsequently worked for Velocity International Marketing and bHIP Global in similar capacities.  

Dr. Brabham is currently working with Medecor Pharma, a prescription prenatal vitamin company in Baton Rouge as Medical Director and product formulator.  He continues to study nutrition and is involved in several projects focused on nutritional education activities.  

Paul Baltas
International Representative

Paul Baltas is the CEO of Ventana Group of Companies which has offices in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Brazil and Peru. His responsibilities includes dealing with executives and government officials in different countries and establishing business contacts around the world. Ventana Group constructs mega projects and trades in agricultural and mineral commodities. Mr. Baltas does similar work with Silverfin Craze.

Paul is of Greek origin and has lived in the United States for 44 years.

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